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From: "David Weston" <>
Subject: [DNA] Am I wasting time (and $) with DNA testing?
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 21:09:32 -0400

This is really a question concerning the impact of haplotype convergence on
genetic genealogy comparisons that I struggling with in deciding to upgrade.
It impacts both the YDNA lines I am personally researching and my decision
to upgrade to 67-markers or not. I could really use some advice.

CASE 1. Ysearch ID 7VDRR, surname THURLOW (predicted haplogroup I1a)
descends from a known NPE in 1825 in rural Suffolk, England. All avenues of
paper research have been exhausted for documentation that might even hint at
the identity of the biological father with no luck. There are at leat 88
possible candidates for the biological father in the birth parish alone.
Not knowing the paternal surname before 1825 (5 generations) then I have to
consider any YDNA match as potential candidate. At 37-markers, 11 matches
between a GD of 2 and 4. Eight of these matches, incluing a 35/37 match,
are one family, GUBBIN(G)S, that traces Limerick, Ireland in the 1600s.
There is also a 34/37 match with a DENNINGTON, which is a Suffolk surname
but we have not been able to trace his line past London, England c1767. Two
of the GUBBIN(G)S, including the 35/37 match, have tested to 67-markers.

CASE 2. Ysearch ID 9HWSY, surname WESTON (me) (predicted haplogroup I1a)
traces to a brickwall c1799 in the vicinity of London, England. We WESTONs
are a particularly hetergenous lot. YDNA testing has been done on 15
WESTONs to date resulting in 11 unrelated branches (see None are
related to me. I've come to the conclusion that another WESTON is just as
likely to be related to me as any some one with any other surname. I have
only two 37-marker matches in the FTDNA database at a GD of 3 (BAILEY) and 4

My question then is, how can I be confident that any YDNA match is the
result of a MRCA within a genealogical timespan and not due to convergence
over a longer time period. What good will a 67-marker upgrade do me in
either case above?

David Weston

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