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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Basques and Scholarship
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 19:47:51 -0700 (PDT)
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I haven't been following this part of the thread all
that closely, but did want to point out that the
recent aDNA studies on Etruscan mtDNA remains
indicates a limited to non-existent genetic
contribution of this ancient mtDNA deme to modern-day
European groups, particularly Tuscans. Equally
problematic are ancient Basque lineages of Neolithic
origin that have all but disappeared in contemporary
Basque populations.

Ellen Coffman

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> Subject: Re: [DNA] The Basques and Scholarship
> >I recommend you study the Finns, expecially the
> Tavasts. Recent research
> > suggests that all the males were wiped out by
> invaders from the East. The
> > women procreated and taught their children their
> language. The effect of
> > the male genocide was not carried forward.
> Ethnically, there two types of
> > Finns now and this has been documented in the
> literature. Blood types are
> > different, and genetically? their descendants
> appear to be different also.
> > It appears to be the case of an invading army
> which kills the males and
> > mates with the females. Quite a bit on this in
> the finnish scientific
> > literature.
> Oh, I wasn't denying that replacement could take
> place through
> extermination. I'm sure that has happened more than
> once. I was merely
> suggesting that in the case of the Basques it might
> not be necessary to
> posit a "wiping out", that other mechanisms might
> have been at work. One
> such mechanism is that some folks tend to have sons
> and others don't. A
> little bad luck (or good luck, depending on one's
> point of view) on that
> score over even just a couple of generations in a
> small enough, isolated
> enough population and - voila! - a new dominant
> y-haplogroup.
> Rich
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