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Subject: Re: [DNA] Comet set fire to Northern Hemisphere 13000 years ago?
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 08:11:49 -0700
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But yet when I go to science fairs, I see all these great kids!

> wrote:

>Yes, education in the US is as bad as it is painted. I will give you an
>of the worst case scenario of public education:
>My oldest daughter teaches both physics and chemistry at an inner city Los
>Angeles charter school made up mostly of illegal aliens. She was taking a
>off when she was recruited to be a teacher, so she decided to try it out. She
>actually has a degree in engineering and a strong science background. But,
>she had no teaching credential, had not yet taken the teaching exams and
>was the only one available to actually start the entire physics program.
>are credentialing requirements, but the government has no choice but to
>ignore the requirements, because nobody else is willing or able to do the
>Most people with her background would have a better paying job in industry.
>Since that time she has been teaching out of a church because the school
>that was
>being built inside of a warehouse was not finished. Because of needless
>the open house is finally this weekend in June. This school was supposed to
>have been opened back in August. My daughter has had no laboratory in which
>to teach the kids. Right now, when she designs a physics experiment, she
>resorts to using toys that she digs up from the children's nursery at the
>She also has to retrieve pizza cartons out of the garbage to make ramps for
>toy cars. There is money for supplies, but no space to store supplies, so she
>just has to be resourceful.
>Most kids in Los Angeles do not even take physics, much less pass physics.
>It is not because of a lack of funding; it is partly because there are no
>physics teachers. What do you expect when physics is not even required to
>get a diploma here? Students need hours and hours of basic math tutoring
>anyway, so why bother with physics?
>In order to get a high school diploma here, the only requirement the kids
>need is
>to pass the California exit exam which is geared toward 8th graders. By the
>public schools in the US include kindergarten, then 1st through 12th grade.
>After that we have public junior colleges that teach remedial reading and
>math so that people can actually get jobs. Sad, but true.
>I am sure it is not this bad all over the US, but you can see the trickle
>effect of poor education and management.
>Kathy J.

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