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Subject: [DNA] Just to stir the pot a bit RE: Phoenicians arriving in NAmerica long ago
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 05:13:41 EDT

I know, I know. I pooh-poohed the topic with respect to the Melungeons, and
I don't consider this evidence of THAT theory, only that perhaps there is
something to the notion someone at least visited these shores before the
Spanish and English. Also, if you are fond of the Roanoke mystery and haven't read
his account of the Hatteras Indians, I suggest you would find it

I was reading the 1709 account of Mr. Lawson, of London, Surveyor-General of
NC online

{Earthen Pots under Ground.}
The next is, the Earthen Pots that are often found under Ground,
and at the Foot of the Banks where the Water has wash'd them away. They are
for the most part broken in pieces; but we find them of a different sort,
in Comparison of those the Indians use at this day, who have had no other,
ever since the English discover'd America. The Bowels of the Earth
cannot have alter'd them, since they are thicker, of another Shape,
and Composition, and nearly approach to the Urns of the Ancient Romans.

Several websites have Lawson's Voyage to Carolina

To illustrate it for you, the map Lawson drew:


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