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From: Denis Savard <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Phoenicians arriving in N America long ago
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 17:05:46 -0400
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Just to note on something I haven't seen it mentionned yet...
Mark Kurlansky in The Basque History of the World makes interesting
points supporting the presence of Basque cod fishermen as early as
the 13th Century off the coast of Newfoundland. One of them that they
were supplying most of Europe, the Mediterranean and to the Middle
East with cod throughout this time, and the Nord Sea alone could not
supply that amount alone. And as fishermen go, you don't reveal a
good fishing spot...
It is also well known Jacques Cartier has Basques with him when he
explored the St.Lawrence in his initial trips (early 16th). Some
authors contend they were simply showing him the way, supported by
the fact that he was greeted by natives who brought goods to trade,
they must have done so before.
On another note, I also remember reading that a 17th century explorer
of the Arctic coast describing a few Innu with blond and red hair...
Some suggested later they might have been a mixing with Leif
Eriksson's Vikings centuries... I wonder if DNA studies on Eastern
Canadian natives have shown any traces of these temporary visitors...


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