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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 00:35:57 EDT

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The Maguire, Prince of Fermanagh, claims descent from Cormac Mac Airt
through Colla(Peter Berresford Ellis, Erin's Blood Royal, revised edition, page
276). But I recently read that scholars consider the 3 Collas to be fictional
(I can't locate the reference right this minute). We seem to have The
Maguire's DNA on ysearch, genetically close to another reputed Colla descendant
McManus. But it is not R1b1c7 although the male line descent of Niall of the
Nine Hostages from Cormac Mac Airt looks good. Looks like the genealogical
scholars are right again.

One reference is O'Rahilly (Early Irish History and Mythology). He believed
the legend of the Three Collas was completely artificial; that they were
unrelated vassal tribes of the Ui Neill from the area around Meath.

So far most Maguire, McManus, McMahon, O'Hanlon et al DNA is not R1b1c7.
I'm sure there are a few scattered exceptions. But if the Irish pedigrees
are true, then the Airgialla or Three Colla DNA should be R1b1c7. The reputed
ancestor of the Three Collas was Eochu Domlén, said to be a brother of Fiachu
Sraiptene, the great-grandfather of Nial 'of the NIne Hostages.'

Contrast this with some of the Connachta DNA on Ysearch. They were made
to descend from brothers of Nial in the pedigrees - but their DNA is solidly

Check out some of these surnames on Ysearch: O'Reilly, O'Rourke,
McDermot, Flannagan, McGovern, O'Dowd, Dwyer, McManus (different from the Argialla
sept), lots of Burns/Byrnes/Beirnes variants as well.

And then of course we have the Mac Domhnaills of Scotland, said to descend
from Colla Uais but the chiefs are all R1a.

If anyone can manage to find some Ui Maine DNA from Connacht they too are
supposed to descend from the Three Collas. But older sources have them
instead descending from a son of
Fiachu Sraiptene.

¶760] Dá mc Fiachach Sraiptene: Muiredach Tírech ocus Domnall a quo Úi Maine
Connacht secundum quosdam.

Two sons of Fiachach Sraiptene: Muirdach Tirech and Donal, from whom the Ui
Maine of Connact.

The jury's still out on the Ui Maine. The legend of the Three Collas
seems to have bit the dust.


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