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Subject: Re: [DNA] Gauls and Galacia in Turkey (was mtDNA H2a phylogeny)
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 14:49:55 EDT

Dora said:
>I dunno - y'all have those Celts spinning in circles.


>Actually, if central European markers
>are found in Scotland, it could tell
>us that the Celts had more complex
>ethnic origins than migration from

Historically the Galatians in Turkey came
from the west, probably from some of the
same areas the Celts in Scotland came from
if you go back far enough in time.
We have better recorded historical data
about the Galatians than we do about the
ancient Scots. But the question is, can
we identify a population of people now with
mtDNA that can be traced to the Galatians?
I think St. Luke's mother could have been a
Galatian and Luke is related to the Scots
based on his haplotype,but are there modern
sub-clusters related to him who could also be
found in Asia Minor? Probably so. This seems
to be a good study for the Genographic Project
in my opinion, as if they are going to listen to me.


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