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From: "Dora Smith" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Checking on how to submit FTDNA results to Genbank?
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 00:08:43 -0600
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I got a reply from Catherine MacDonald at FTDNA to my inquiry about Linda
Jonas' status with FTDNA.

First, she told me that FTDNA does not endorse anyone to prepare peoples'
FGS submissions, and Linda Jonas is probably just someone who has
volunteered to help people.

Then she said something I totally do not understand. "we do not have a
service that provides for easy, immediate upload of results to Genbank
because there is no connection between our company and that database."

What does this mean? I did not ask about easy upload tools to Genbank, nor
mention such an idea. I asked who prepares our sequences for submission to
Genbank. I also asked specifically to be assigned someone other than Linda
Jonas to prepare my FGS submission. And that is otherwise what Ms.
MacDonald's response replied to. She never directly spoke to who at FTDNA
does prepare submissions to Genbank, except to tell me about easy upload
tools that don't exist on account of a lack of organizational affiliation
between FTDNA and Genbank. This was teh only sentence in her four
sentence e-mail that did not address Linda Jonas' lack of a relationship
with FTDNA. I can only conclude that this was her way of telling me that
FTDNA has no interest in submissions to Genbank, and that that has something
to do with the lack of any commercial relationship between FTDNA and

As a logical explanation or a policy statement of why FTDNA does not prepare
customers' FGS's for submission to Genbank, it makes no sense whatever.
Lots of researchers submit sequences to Genbank, and none of them have any
sort of organizational or financial association with Genbank!

Is she telling me that FTDNA only submits results to other organizations
they have commercial ties with?

What is actually the reason why FTDNA does not submit customer FGS's to
Genbank, at their request? It's good science to do so, and bad science not
to. They claim to be actively involved in research on mtdna full
sequences - or are they really just interested in building their own private
database, and not following established scientific procedure, which is to
submit sequences done for research to Genbank?

Finally, if FTDNA wants nothing whatever to do with customers submitting
their results to Genbank, how does Mr. Greenspan always end up as identified
as the submitter (sometimes together with the name of the customer who was
tested), on the Genbank entry? I thought he was listed because FTDNA is
the submitter, but FTDNA just told me in no uncertain terms they don't even
want anything to do with Genbank, and they apparently don't even want to be
involved with the submissions. Is there some reason why he's supposed to
get listed, and does that reason apply if FTDNA doesn't WANT to be
associated with submissions of the results of tests they did to Genbank,
particularly if they're giving commercial interests as the reason why?
Why should I mention FTDNA as a submitter if they don't even want to be a
submitter unless they have a commercial relationship with the company? As
who did the test, certainly, but I'm having trouble seeing listing them as
the submitter!

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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