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From: marianne dillow <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Nightline tonight: "Tracing Lineage with DNA"
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 19:25:51 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks for the reminder Bonnie on Nightline. I am on Central time so it will be about another hour before I see it. I almost forgot. If you hadn't posted this I would have. I really want to see this. :)

Marianne Dillow

Bonnie Schrack <> wrote:
Ann wrote:
> From the ABC website description, it appears the story is featuring SMGF.
> Here's hoping the story will be a little more positive than some we've seen recently!
I thought the article on the website was quite positive -- though the
reporter, Martin Bashir, seems to have gotten the impression, apparently
from his M3a mtDNA, that he's descended from Brahmans and Rajputs,
described as a priestly caste and a royal warrior dynasty, which he
likes very much. I somehow doubt that membership in one of those
groups can be indicated by an mtDNA haplogroup.

What appalled me were some of the comments posted in response to the

Yes, some of them were well-intentioned, but the misconceptions . . .
where to begin? Maybe someone would like to post something informative

I have to say it really bothers me how seriously people take DNATribes :
> I am into these DNA test big time. I took one at DNATribes, and I was
> shocked what I found. . . The super shocker was finding out my
> biblical time DNA was in Sudan. . .
Despite the "shocking" results, this person is enthusiastic. They have
created an elaborate story for themselves to explain how their
ancestors' migrations could fit the matches found for them by DNATribes.

Another comment -- this person apparently believes they have inside
> The Sorensen Genomics DNA program was started to try and prove the
> Mormon version of history, namely that Native Americans are
> descendants from Jews.
Really!? If that has any element of truth, it's the first time I've
heard anyone allege it -- and if it were true, I would expect it to be
widely discussed, even if it were officially denied. Is this person
just assuming that this _must_ be the real agenda of SMGF, I wonder? If
it were true once, I'm sure that by now it has become abundantly clear
to those involved that Native Americans have entirely different ancestry
from Jews. (Has anyone ever seen any Native American haplotypes on
SMGF, anyway?) I'd like to say more about the religious issues, but
they don't belong on this list -- I hope others on the list will also
respect that fact.

I can't stay up to see the show -- someone let us know how it goes.


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