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From: Donald Chesnut <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] How to make hyperlinks on the FTDNA project web pages
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 14:53:36 -0500
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You asked about sources for html codes. The following is a guide that I
built about 15 years ago. I made it because I couldn't remember all the
stuff myself...

I used the donations list as an example.

At 11:56 AM 12/6/2007 -0500, you wrote:
>Obviously, whoever told you you couldn't put links on your public GAP pages
>didn't know what they were talking about. I've seen some FTDNA project sites
>that have been so modified you wouldn't otherwise recognize them, but for the
>frame and results table. I have used a few basic HTML tags on this page:
>In addition to the links, note that I was able to put "Lineages of
>Members" in a
>larger, boldface Arial font (ta da). I've never experimented with any more
>adventurous tags, mostly because I usually create web sites for my projects on
>my own web site. The BIDDLE project is the only one where I'm using just the
>FTDNA site.
>But why would you enter the Gift Certificates manually? It's just extra work.
>All you need to do is check the "Display General Fund Donation Text?" box
>on the
>"Project Website Admin" page, and they will be placed on the page
>-- and will be automatically updated when one is used, as one of the BIDDLE
>certificates has been. I didn't have to update the page, FTDNA did it
>automatically. And I presume, come January 1st, they'll disappear, without my
>having to remove them.
>There are many sites on the web giving HTML codes. Here's just one:
>I know the <font></font> tags work, along with these:
><b></b> = bold
><i></i> = italic
><br> = line break
><p> = paragraph
><hr> = horizontial rule
>I'd be curious which codes *cannot* be used. Has anyone tried ones that
>wouldn't work?

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