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Subject: Re: [DNA] Ashkenazim (was Germans who carry J and G (wasPLOSGenetics)
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Perhaps you didn't actually read the article?

First, the entire article assumes that Armenians _are_ European. This is
controversial but supportable.

Second, the authors vigorously disagree with your conclusion. They
specifically found that the primary distinction is northern vs. southeastern
Europe, and the secondary distinction is Iberia vs. the rest of Europe.
Further distinctions break out Finns and Basques as isolates.
PC1 largely separates northern from southeastern individuals (fig. 4A) and
is consistent with the clines observed in classic gene-frequency,13,20
Y-chromosome,21 mtDNA,22,23 and whole-genome3 studies of European diversity.
PC2 reflects mainly east-west geographic separation and, particularly,
identifies the two Iberian populations (Spanish and Basques) in our analysis
as distinct (fig. 4A). Furthermore, PC3 and PC4 emphasize the separation of
the Basques and Finns, respectively, from other Europeans (fig. 5). The
Basques are known to have unusual allele frequencies for several marker
systems24 and speak a unique non-Indo-European language. In line with their
non-Indo-European Uralic language and previous study of their
Y-chromosomes,25 the Finns show evidence of an increased affinity to the
Central Asian populations when placed in an intercontinental context (fig.
1A and 1B). Overall, STRUCTURE analysis of the European populations is
highly consistent with PCoA; for example, when the number of populations (K)
is 3, the major divisions correspond to the northern, southeastern, and
Iberian populations (fig. 4B). In cases of higher K values, first the Finns
(K=4) and then the Basques (K=5) emerge as distinctive.

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> You will see that Ashkenazi Jews cluster with Armenians who
> are a Western Asian people and not a European one.

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