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Subject: Re: [DNA] And it's goodbye from me
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 16:31:31 -0800
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Was this message important to the whole list? I call this clutter.
Richard R. Kenyon ("Dick")
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Subject: Re: [DNA] And it's goodbye from me

I hope it gets back to normal too. I want to learn more about DNA and our haplogroups and country origins which is exciting to me . :)

Marianne Dillow

Gabriela Novak <<mailto:>> wrote:
I was very close to leaving myself. I have already written a response to the
effect, but then did not send it. Hopefully all is back to normal.

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You're right. There was something wierd that happened last week. I hope

it doesn't happen again. I felt like bowing out too.
On the other hand I have to say I have learned quite a bit from this
list in the last few years ...


Yes it was weird. A couple are off list and three others left the list on
their own accord over being weird. This has been a good group and I
appreciate all I have learnt from those on this list. I hope things get back
to normal. I almost left too but decided against it. Again, I appreciate
this list and you sharing your knowledge with us newbies. I joined this list
to learn DNA and you have helped me do that. I do appreciate this list.

Marianne Dillow

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