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Subject: Re: [DNA] Science Breakthrough of 2007
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 22:12:22 -0700
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Have you bothered to read or listen to the formulations that many scientists
make to the public about their positions? If they are in the "influence the
public" mode it is often "these are the facts" and dissenting views should
be forbidden or suppressed; in some places and by some even by methods of
law and prosecution is urged. I am afraid the arrogance of scientists when
trying to influence society is often undermining their credibility. It
does a disservice to science. Ken

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Science Breakthrough of 2007

> Ken,
> Your implication is that scientists "claimed to believe" what they
> previously
> knew was "the final truth." You've erected a straw man to shoot down
> because
> every scientist knows that what we know at any given moment can be
> overturned
> tomorrow. It isn't a question of *believing* there is a particular level
> of
> diversity, it's a matter of what the level of diversity *appears to be* at
> any
> given stage in our knowledge. It could change again next week.
> Scientists are
> ready to revise what we know with every new discovery. We don't know it
> all,
> and we know we don't know it all. That is why we devote our lives to
> research.
> It may give you some smug satisfaction to sneer from on high, but I'm
> afraid you
> don't seem to know how science works.
> Diana
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>> This news is a week old, but Science Journal and its
>> publisher, American Association for Advancement of Science,
>> picked the discovery of much greater "Human Genetic
>> Variation" than previously believed as the number one science
>> breakthrough of 2007.
>> I think one of the morals of this story is that what
>> scientists claim to believe or know in these times is quite
>> subject to change.
>> Ken
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