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Subject: Re: [DNA] You Can Now Retrive Your SMGF Results atGeneTreeandUnlockYour Pedigree If...
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 01:01:34 -0700
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Dear John,
You raise some good points and I don't know that there are easy
answers to them all. I strongly suspect that paying for the results from
Genetree won't speed the testing of particular samples at the SMGF since the
SMGF seems to do all of its testing in large batches rather than
individually. It seems clear that 2006-2008 will go down as the years where
the SMGF concentrated on catching up on the mtDNA testing for their samples.
It appears to me that they aren't producing new Y results as fast as they
used to be. I have also found some men in the Mennonite project whose mtDNA
results appear in the SMGF databases, but there aren't any Y results yet in
the databases. Thus, the focus on mtDNA in the past year seems to be
slowing the release of Y data. I think that you are correct that Genetree
will eventually have access to all of the Y data and probably in the long
term the X chromosome and autosomal data as well.
I think that there are still quite a few people who gave samples two
or more years ago whose data doesn't appear in the SMGF databases. In some
cases it may have been because the sample didn't have enough DNA in it for
testing, but I think that in the majority of cases it simply has to do with
the fact that the SMGF simply hasn't tested the samples yet. I think that
this predominantly applies to women, whose only results up to this point are
mtDNA results. I suspect that there are at least partial Y results in the
SMGF for almost all males who gave samples prior to 2005. There are still
quite a few male Mennonites who gave samples in 2006 whose Y results don't
yet appear in the SMGF databases.
There are no privacy boxes on the SMGF consent forms, so I don't
think that a person's pedigree and/or results won't appear in the SMGF
databases solely because of this. You are probably right that for the few
people whose their pedigrees don't not have any persons designated as born
before 1907 on their submitted tree on either their maternal or paternal
lineages, paying a nominal fee to have their results unlocked might be a
real benefit.
Otherwise, I can't think of any common situations where paying the Genetree
fee to unlock the mtDNA results is worth it for the skilled genetic
genealogist. It is very easy to extract mtDNA results from the database.
However, it can be tricky for some people and the fact that the SMGF is now
releasing incomplete mtDNA data in the mtDNA database can be particularly
tricky as has been noted in discussions a number of months ago on this list.
As you mentioned there might be situations where paying for Y results would
be worth it, assuming that Genetree eventually is given access to the Y
The SMGF genealogists try to merge all duplicate ancestors in their
genealogy database, so sending pedigree charts that have subtle differences
in them for the same ancestors with the goal of using these differences to
differentiate between people's results will probably not be an effective
strategy in the long run in most cases.
I think that you could be right that if a person's results are not
yet showing on the SMGF mtDNA database, paying the unlocking fee is a way to
get a fix on where the results are at. If my dad's results don't appear in
the SMGF databases in the near future, I may consider doing this for him.
He sent his sample in during Feb. 2006. I suspect that at the rate the SMGF
is processing samples that almost all of the people who ordered a kit before
Oct. 22, 2007 and who returned the kit by Dec. 31 will have mtDNA results in
the SMGF database within the next year or so.

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GeneTreeandUnlockYour Pedigree If...

I asked GeneTree if Y-DNA & autosomal etc would also be unlocked. For the
present it seems only mtDNA will be unlocked, but "I presume" that the rest
would follow, particularly Y-DNA when GeneTree add Y-DNA to their database.
(((They said... "Currently, we only provide the mtDNA testing (mitochondrial
DNA), so those are the only results that will be transferred for the time

It has occurred to me that many contributors to the SMGF project have opted
to have their results kept private, and their pedigrees are not shown linked
to results on the SMGF database. Further, for a few people their pedigrees
may not have any persons designated as born before 1900 on their submitted
tree, particularly if this applied to the Y-DNA or mtDNA line. For these
two groups of people, paying a nominal fee to have their results unlocked
might be a real benefit.

I have a few of my surname who submitted DNA samples to SMGF in the early
days, and they have not appeared on the database. I wondered if they might
have inadvertently ticked a privacy box on a form, and not had their
pedigrees displayed on the database, preventing their results from being

Just wondering.... if a person's results are not yet showing on the SMGF
database, would the unlocking fee be a way to get a fix on where the results
are at? It might reveal whether the sample was bad, and they gave up
testing, or it might prompt some overdue results to appear. Or it might
reveal that they had inadvertently ticked a privacy box on a form without
realizing it.

Another point, I know of a family where a number of brothers tested in the
SMGF project. Each has some different Y-DNA mutations, and one has some
areas of mtDNA not reported, but because the brothers have the same
pedigree, it is not possible to tell from the results which is which
brother. When their pedigrees were submitted, subtle differences (not
errors) were put on the pedigree forms, some giving more complete
information. However, it looks like SMGF have used the same hybrid pedigree
for all the brothers, which unfortunately prevents the identity of
individuals being discovered. Paying to unlock results would clarify which
result belongs to which brother.

There might be situations where paying to unlock SMGF results is worth the
nominal cost.


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