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Subject: Re: [DNA] Iberian Y-DNA J (was Re: Iberian S116+)
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This paper by Lucotte on Iberia provides a different view, different method
and seemingly different frequencies from that of Flores et al and discusses
specifically Haplotype V and Vb (both variants of E3b).:

To be honest, I'm really not sure which point of view (that of Flores vs.
Lucotte) has more merit, but I suppose they are both partially correct.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Iberian Y-DNA J (was Re: Iberian S116+)

But I see nothing in this paper about a concentration of E1b1b in the south.

As for the historical event that is usually identified as the cause of a
southern concentration of "Neolithic" E and J, - namely, invasion by the
"Moors" in the eighth century - Bosch, Underhill et. al wrote in 2001

"The most striking results are that contemporary NW African and Iberian
populations were found to have originated from distinctly different
patrilineages and that the Strait of Gibraltar seems to have acted as a
strong (although not complete) barrier to gene flow........The Islamic rule
of Spain, which began in a.d. 711 and lasted almost 8 centuries, left only a

minor contribution to the current Iberian Y-chromosome pool. The
high-resolution analysis of the Y chromosome allows us to separate
successive migratory components and to precisely quantify each historical

And of course there was no Islamic rule of Spain that lasted anywhere close
to 8 centuries.

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