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Subject: [DNA] TRMCA for R1b1
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 04:49:39 EST

There seems little point in putting any ideas into the forum about the
possible age of R1b1 as ther are certain persons who are not interested in debate
but prefer to use snide remarks about or give facts without showing
supporting data to dismisst ideas which do not fit their own. There are far too many
people in this arena as well as outside it for whom the only valid opinion is
their own. They like free speech as long as it is the freedom to give thier
opinions and views but are not prepared to give that freedom to others.
I do not whether you are right or wrong, David, but I dislike the purile
attitude shown by of some of the so-called experts on this forum to your inputs,
it does this forum no good and it certainly, at least in my view, does
nothing for their standing in the field. I think I am correct in saying that one of
the worst offenders should know what it is like to have produced a theory
which so far has not been proved even if not in this particular field.
Alan M

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