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From: "Michael Walsh" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] TRMCA for R1b1
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:14:53 -0600

"Jim Cullen" <> wrote:
Just for the record - this makes it sound as if those
who believe in the later dates fell into step like sheep
to the slaughter. Not true - at least in my case. ....

My response:
I'm in the same position as Jim. I have read the National Genographic
Project materials and all of the other stuff that was created several
ago. I learned about DNA believing that I was a descendant of the
Cro-Magnon man, which is what National Genographic says. Of course,
these thee "oldest modern people in Europe" people lived in Europe
30,000 years ago, before the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM.)

I'm a math major and do understand statistics to some extent, but do
not keep up with it. I've followed the arguments of the "old theory"
and "new theory" as it relates to whether Cro-Magnon man could have
been an R1b1 type. The last straw was the 2008 Karafet study which
supports what many of this these bloggers have been saying for some
time, the "new theory" that R1b1 is much too new, particularly in
Europe, to be this Paleothic (Old Stone Age) man of pre-LGM Europe.

My opinion is that many the big concerns, like the National
Genographic Project, just have not allocated enough people and money
to re-evaluate and then re-write their marketing materials. They are
out spending money and time studying the Phoenicians, Crusaders and
other such things, which BTW, I'm glad they are doing.

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