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From: Anders Pålsen <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Some thoughts about DNA survival
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 08:23:02 +0000 (GMT)
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I think you would find that similar observations have been done in Iceland:

"These results demonstrate even over a short timeframe of a few hundred years, during which the size of the Icelandic population increased almost fivefold, only a minority of potential ancestors actually contributed mtDNA or Y chromosomes to the contemporary population. The vast majority of contemporary females (58,832 or 91.7%) are descended from only 22% (7,041) of the potential matrilineal ancestors born between 1848 and 1892, and most contemporary males (57,686 or 86.2%) are descended from only 26% (8,275) of the potential patrilineal ancestors"


--- Den tir 2008-12-09 skrev Beth Long <>:

> By the way, I visited a Sebestyen in Transylvania last year
> to get a DNA sample. They live in a hut, basically, with a
> dirt floor and no indoor plumbing. But there are still a
> whole bunch of them :) 
> Beth Long

Alt i ett. Få Yahoo! Mail med adressekartotek, kalender og

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