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Subject: Re: [DNA] Blood of the Irish
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 23:04:27 EST

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I have not heard of this author and it is interesting that no academic
background is mentioned under the author. However, it actually does sound like he
has stumbled upon another Irisih royal site similar to Navan (Emain Macha),
Tara, Dun Ailiine etc. Not sure about any claims beyond that. What also
seems to lend it credibility is that Dáibhí O Cróinín is mentioned as
reviewing it. The latter is a great Irish historical and linguistic academic scholar
of very high renown. Must say though the highly abbreviated quote from him
is a just little suspicious but maybe I am just paranoid. I might get this
if its cheap and available on amazon. Then I can post a review here!

I found a few references to published works by the author, Tom O'Connor.

Jordan, K. and O'Connor, T. (2003). Archaeological sites of interest
surrounding the
Turoe Stone, Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society,
Vol. 55,
pages 110-116.

O'Connor, T. (2003). Turoe and Athenry, Ancient Capitals of Celtic Ireland.
K. Jordan L(ed).,
Tom O'Connor.
ISBN: 0954487508 9780954487508

Hand of History - Burden of Pseudo History: Subtitle: Touchstone of Truth
by Tom O Connor (Author)
ISBN-10: 1412034582

The last one is a paperback - it should be cheap enough.

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