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Subject: Re: [DNA] Blood of the Irish
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 08:25:29 -0800
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That is indeed an interesting development. To the best of my knowledge I am
the only one who has written about the link between S28/U152, the Oslojford
area of Norway, and settlements along the eastern coast of Scotland. I
wonder how he was alerted to this connection. Anyway, I would be pleased to
include him in my S28/U152 all company database at:

I would be greatful if somone would contact RTE or Diarmuid, and/or send me
an e-mail address.

I wish that I had access to this program, but expect that it will be out on
DVD in short order. One of my Christmas presents was the DVD, "In Serch of
Ancient Ireland". I have not yet watched it, but since it is a PBS
production, I recon it will be pretty good.

David K. Faux.

On 1/9/09, Elizabeth O'Donoghue <> wrote:
> Alan, you were spot on - I received a response from RTE. Diarmuid is
> indeed
> S28, and mtDNA H1a.
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> Elizabeth
> I would have really enjoyed the show only 12 months back but thanks to the
> progress in knowledge mainly reported on this list I couldn't help sitting
> picking holes in it. I really need to get out more in 2009! BTW, I have
> a
> strong hunch Diarmuid is R1b S28 from the way they described it. Although
> I
> am sure most of his autosomals are Irish after his family being in Ireland
> for generations, he did say that some generations back his male line came
> from the north of Scotland, an area that was on the fringes of the Norse
> settlement zone so that may be the origin if he is S28.
> Alan

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