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From: "Peter A. Kincaid" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R-L21
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 21:54:16 -0300
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"ALL R1b in Ireland is L21+"?? That's a strong statement.
We certainly have some R-U106 Kincaids there ;-).


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Subject: Re: [DNA] R-L21

> Janet wrote:-
> I have two general questions about L21 please. First, since it is
> found widely in Ireland, is it heavier in the north or south or prety
> evenly distributed, if one can tell from the data so far? Second, if
> it is found heavily in Ireland, it should also be found, perhaps not
> quite as heavily, particularly in Cornwall and Wales. Is there any
> evidence of this?
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> Irish Type III in the South West are L21+ and M222 is a subset of L21 so
> the NW Irish are L21+ too.
> I believe South Irish are L21+ as well so really, ALL R1b in Ireland is
> L21+
> I will not make any comment as to whether L21+ started in Ireland or
> arrived in Ireland from elsewhere.
> Dennis W
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