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From: Michael Walsh <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R-L21
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 11:10:36 -0500

---> Susan Rosine <> wrote:
Mike, I have the Henri Hubert book, but have not read it yet. What does he
say about the language differences between the Irish, Scottish, Welsh,
Cornish? We have to allow time for the languages to split off from their
root. I think we'll have to combine archeological evidence, linguistic
evidence, historical/genealogical evidence, along with DNA evidence to
figure all this out!!!
If anyone wants to contribute to the Wales_Cymru DNA project's General Fund,
you can tag your donation to be used a certain way....such as for an R1b1b2
Deep Clade test!! We really can't say anything for certain yet about L21 in
Wales, until more men in the project have done deep clade testing.
I am interested in I1 and I2 interaction with R-P312 and L21 as well.
Hopefully I can get Ken's help on that at some point down the line when we
have more deep clade results come in.

---> My response:
Hubert does deal with the languages, but he inquiry is more focused on the
ancient languages including the Pictish. He does NOT fully deal with
modern phylogenetic linguistic tree methods. The focus of his book is an
exhaustive look at the archaeological finds.

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