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From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Project member's mtDNA doesn't show up on project web page
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 09:45:40 -0400
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When you say his checkbox is properly checked, to you mean the one YOU check on
the membership roster or the ones HE checks under User Preferences? Both must
be checked for the member to appear on the public web site.


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> Subject: [DNA] Project member's mtDNA doesn't show up on
> project web page
> Has anyone else encountered something like this?
> A project member, kit #N30333, does not show up on my project's mtDNA
> results page:
> He is in haplogroup H, with a mutation list of 16111T,16519C.
> On the Group Administration Page, his checkbox is properly
> checked.
> I don't know of anyone else in my project who isn't showing
> up, but then I haven't actually gone through and checked all
> 500 entries.
> I have, of course, sent "feedback" about this, but an earlier email
> suggested that FTDNA's most experienced people are taking
> vacation this week, so I'm hoping for a workaround until
> someone at FTDNA gets around to this.

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