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Subject: Re: [DNA] x chromosome
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 16:11:06 -0800

I sent this but it did not show up so am resending.

I hope this is what you want, Kathy. I've done all I can to
understand your instructions. I have listed the numbers in order of
appearance, with the letters after, the double sets being my
genotypes and the single letters being my husbands. they should be
easy to follow. since I did a very careful copy and past with the
numbers, and the letters added up, I believe I have this correct.

66246877 rs4827527 AG A
66253452 rs938059 AC A
66257162 rs925391 AG G
66260523 rs925389 CC C
66264409 rs1988995 CT C
66269421 rs1397631 CT C
66269660 rs984094 AG G

66277339 rs5919287 CT C
66291862 rs1027970 CT T
66293341 rs2221799 AG A
66295878 rs2136928 GG G
66322154 rs12007727 GG G
66344438 rs2335505 CC C
66347396 rs5919325 AG G

66365693 rs6625150 AC C

66366212 rs12009759 GG G

66366434 rs2335502 CC C
66370181 rs7059458 CC no call
66393594 rs2335868 CT C
66398525 rs12558842 AC A
66414536 rs5918737 CT C
66423821 rs4827539 CT T
66425111 rs10521339 AT T
66425404 rs5919362 GT G
66427183 rs4601479 AG A

66427709 rs6625163 AG A


66370181 rs7059458 has a no call for my husband. I don't recall
what if anything that means.


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