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From: "Peter Op den Velde Boots" <>
Subject: [DNA] Anybody R-U106* to test DYS464X ???
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 13:59:35 +0100

Yesterday I received a DYS464X = CCGG result as part of the results of
my WTY test.

DYS464X is an advanced test that adds a letter (c/g) to each of the four
to seven alleles that are specified for DYS464 as part of the standard
25-67 marker test results by FT-DNA. An introduction to DYS464X can be
found here: and here:

The "expected" result for DYS464X in R-M269 is cccg (three c's and a g),
mine happened to be cggc (2 c's and 2 g's) and therefore "non-cccg".

A small investigation has been done as to the occurrence of non-cccg
results in R-U106. It is now expected that 5-10% of R-U106 will have a
non-cccg result. Two profiles have been found to be non-cccg: Dunbar
(NUH49) and mine (D2JB2). Dunbar and I are a GD=16 (Y-Search) apart.

In the sub-clades of R-U106 the situation is:

R-L1 - Few tests: all results known are cccg
R-U198 - Few tests (3-4): all are cccg
R-L48 - Few tests: all results known are cccg
R-P89.2 - Single result cccg
R-L199 - Single result cccg

Only R-L257 (this SNP is brand new, so there's only one positive) has
had a test with a non-cccg result (15c-15g-17g-18c). The relationship
between DYS464X="non-cccg" and L257 is currently unknown.

Like the one discovered in R-L21, there might be a cluster of
DYS464X="non-cccg" in R-U106 as well, but in order to find it, more test
results are desparately needed.

So if there are R-U106* among you who would like to be more than just a
star and who have a little cash ($18) to spare, please consider testing
for DYS464X. I currently expect, that you have a reasonable chance of
discovering to be non-cccg if you are:

- R-U106* (therefore preferably explicitly L48-);
- within a GD of, say, 18-20 from me (D2JB2, DYS390=23) OR from Dunbar
(NUH49, DYS390=24)

Please keep in mind: the 5-10% I mentioned above, are for the whole of
R-U106, I guess your chances are *much* better if you comply to these

I do hope we will be able to find a new cluster within R-U106, maybe
this will turn out to be the new DYS425=nul cluster. Who knows .....

If you want to order:

- Goto your FT-DNA home page
- Select "Order Tests & Upgrades" on the menu
- Click "goto advanced orders" (3rd item)
- Select "advanced" (1st item)
- Scroll to "Y-STR DNA-FP Panel 5 Palindromic Pack"
- Select DYS464X $18
- Click "next" at the bottom
- Enter payment info

If this is your first "advanced order", FT-DNA will charge you an extra
one-time transfer fee of $10 to take your sample to Houston. Most people
will have to pay this one-time charge anytime anyway.

If you decide to order, please let me know (on this list or better via
email) you did so and let me know the results afterwards; I have no
other way of finding out and I want to keep track of the test results.

Peter Op den Velde Boots (D2JB2; R-U106 L257+)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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