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Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA A8 in Poland
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 00:15:38 -0400
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In the DNA analysis work that I do for clients, I'm seeing more and more
"unusual" haplogroups that are being found in (north)western Eurasia and
Eastern Europe that "aren't supposed to be there". I'm not seeing that
phenomenon in Southern or Southeastern Europe (except for C* in Spain). In
particular, I suspect that the Huns may have brought with them Eastern
haplogroups that generally aren't found in that area. If the Altai and the
Urals were the genesis of many of the Asian and Eurasian haplogroups and
perhaps where the ice age was overwintered, then the Huns would be good
candidates to grab onto a least a few of the fringe groups and bring them
along. U4 and U5 appeared to be much more prevalent earlier in the
hunter-gatherer groups, and perhaps these rare haplogroup were as well and
have all but died out since.

Regardless of how they got there, extremely interesting.

Roberta Estes

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Subject: [DNA] mtDNA A8 in Poland

A new member of my project, of Polish ancestry, belongs to mtDNA haplogroup

16189C, 16223T, 16242T, 16290T, 16319A
64T, 73G, 146C, 152C, 235G, 263G, 315.1C, 522-, 523-

He actually has full-sequence results.

Table S3 of the paper below shows A8 in northern Eurasia:

Two listed samples from Transylvania (actually taken from Egyed 2007) are
close. Perhaps the differences are largely due to reporting conventions?


Interestingly, a Google search finds discussion on the mtDNA A haplogroup of
Catherine Pillard, a 17th-century Frenchwoman. A followup connects her to
the same research paper above:

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