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From: Roman S <>
Subject: [DNA] New web YPredictor!
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 15:26:52 +0300

Welcome to test a new YPredictor -
Predictions are based on the phylogenetic trees of each haplogroup,
calculating probability which depends on difference in marker values, marker
mutation rates and age of parent node.

1. Enter haplotypes in text field
The default marker order is FTDNA's, but you can select another order via
the Options button
You should not enter DYS 464e, f, or g
It is possible to use short haplotypes (for example with 12 markers)
For dividing markers use separators: , ; - or Space, Tab
For unknown values use any text symbols ('x', 'unknown', etc.) or skip value
but insert separator
For deletion values (in DYS 425, DYS 448, etc.) use 0
Only 20 (or less) haplotypes at time
2. Click button 'Convert to table'
3. Check markers values in table
4. Click button 'Predict'
5. Wait for results
6. If you need copy results: click button 'Copy results' and than paste in
Excel or text editor

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