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Subject: [DNA] Two Letters in current European Journal of Human Geneticsre:R1b in Africa
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 08:07:48 -0400


European Journal of Human Genetics 18, 1185 (November 2010) |

Chadic languages and Y haplogroups

Andrew Lancaster

The January 2009 publication in this journal of an article entitled
‘Human Y chromosome haplogroup R-V88: a paternal genetic record of
early mid Holocene trans-Saharan connections and the spread of Chadic
languages’, by Cruciani et al,1 represents a major step forward in our
understanding of the African Y haplogroup diversity and pre-history.
Approximately one year ago I published a detailed review of the
earlier studies in this field.

European Journal of Human Genetics 18, 1186-1187 (November 2010) |

Reply to Lancaster

Fulvio Cruciani, Beniamino Trombetta, Daniele Sellitto, Andrea
Massaia, Giovanni Destro-Bisol, Elizabeth Watson, Eliane Beraud
Colomb, Jean-Michel Dugoujon, Pedro Moral and Rosaria Scozzari

In January 2010, we published in this journal a report1 on the
frequency distribution of the Y chromosome haplogroup R1b1a (R-V88) in
Africa, where it can be found at frequencies as high as about 90%.
This haplogroup (or its ancestor) most likely traces its origins back
to Eurasia, but is presently found very rarely outside Africa.


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