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From: Anders Pålsen <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Fennoscandia Biographic Project - Pilot
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 15:31:20 +0000 (GMT)

Update local and regional PCA analysis.

Whats new?

- 1 more participant since last update from Sweden total 26 in project.
- added belorussians, lithuanians and CEU as reference populations.
- increased the number of SNP in the regional analysis to 495k.


- The clusters in the local plots have stabelized in all dimensions.
- The clusters in the regional plots have moved after adding new reference populations:

a) The finns have seperated more from russisan cluster when adding the belorussians and the lithuanians. They are now about the same height as the CEU. The belorussians appear to be between the finns, the lithuanians and some russians in D1-2. The finns are even more distant to the lithuanians in D1-3 now with the belorussians and the russians between. In D1-4 however the finns, lithuanians, belorussians and russians appears to share cluster. It also appears that the lithuanians and the belorussians have taken over the role as a "bridge" between the russians and the norwegian/swedish cluster.

b) The saami are now more inside in the russian cluster in D1-2 but in D1-3 they are extreme outliers with the finns between them and the russians. In D1-4 they neighbour the russian cluster.

c) The swedes and norwegian still share the same cluster but it is now possible to see more different influences on individual basis with the added new populations in D1-2. The french, CEU and some of the orcadians are all close neightbours on the right. The french and the norwegian/swedish cluster is partly overlap to the central-right. The CEU who is a mixture of Utah residens with northern and western european (british) origin cluster to the upper right with no overlap. To the lower right is the orcadians.

Please remember that the different dimensions reflect different genetic components in your genome making the figures and relationships change when changing dimension view.

Whats next?

- ADMIXTURE analysis
- Considering removal of orcadian extreme outliers.

The project now accept deCODEme testers!



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