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From: "Fredric Z. Saunders" <>
Subject: [DNA] "Relationship Range" Confidence Level
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 20:56:42 -0700
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For anyone working with statistics I have:

"Suggested" Actual shared cM longest
2nd cousin 2nd C 1R 135.68 27.53
3rd cousin 4th C 1R 76.93 27.07
4th to distant 8th C 1R 35.08 15.45
5th to distant 11th C minimum 28.70 8.75

For the latter, y-DNA proves her ancestor and mine are related (as do
contemporary records that call them "kin"), but the exact relation is not
known (it would be in Europe, before immigration) but the closest we could
be would be about 11th cousins. This is changed somewhat, though, in that
she has multiple descents from her ancestor to her.

Rick Saunders

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