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Subject: Re: [DNA] "Relationship Range" Confidence Level
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 20:50:13 -0800
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Dear All,
I have one word of caution in regards to relatives we identify at
the 8th cousin or more distant level of relationship via Family Finder or
23andMe. In at least some cases there will be a closer genealogical
relationship that is the true source of the shared segment (or segments) but
a lack of knowledge about the genealogical connection to the shared closer
ancestor prevents the two parties from being able to discover the identity
of that closer ancestor. We should always keep the possibility in mind when
we discover shared distant ancestors that the segment or segments we share
in common could have been passed down to us from a different shared
Tim Janzen

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Harold & Jim,

As a precursor let me say that I have a strong "Colonial" background on
my fathers' side. In addition, when I started researching and entering
my findings on computer I made the decision to include much info on
siblings of my ancestral lines - such as their spousal names and detail
about their children. I think both of the above facts have nicely
enhanced my finding of distantly related folks through the use of
autosomal DNA.


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