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Subject: Re: [DNA] "Relationship Range" Confidence Level
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 21:55:12 -0800
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Dear Jim,
I agree with your thoughts. I would also like to strongly suggest
that people get as many of their first and second cousins tested by 23andMe
and/or Family Finder as possible. When you have the results of first and
second cousins available you can compare them to the people you share
matching segments with and have a better chance of determining on which side
of the family you share a common ancestor with that person.
Tim Janzen

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Subject: Re: [DNA] "Relationship Range" Confidence Level


If nothing else, FF has made me focus and share, and regardless of whether
or not DNA is involved, I've found new cousins and paper trails. I think as
more matches come in (I'm already having a hard time keeping up), eventually
I'll start getting corroborating, or conflicting, evidence. As with all the
Y and mt DNA results for my ancestors, I strive for 3 matches, before I
begin to feel the result is solid.

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