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From: "Belinda Dettmann" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] "Relationship Range" Confidence Level
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 18:06:29 +1100
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Hi Tim

I'm starting to get results back from Family Finder but there's nothing very
concrete yet. This is not surprising, as I live in Australia and most of
the FF people live in the USA. As I'm a fourth or fifth generation
Australian, with all ancestors traced back to England, Scotland or Germany,
I can't expect to find many close cousins at FTDNA. I don't have any close
relatives at all yet in the FF list - all are more remote, and none there
closer than 5th cousin. However a second cousin (Australian) has just signed
up for FF so it will be interesting to see how we match, and whether he has
better luck, as he hasn't taken the 23andMe test.

I've had extensive experience of trying to connect with RF cousins from
23andMe, and I've got over 300 cousins in my RF list, but I've had very
little success with matches - two 7th cousins, to date, and I thought that
was pretty good! This is not surprising, as all my US cousins must have
common ancestors in the UK or Germany, from well back in history. In fact I
was astonished to have so many RF cousins, as all of these are likely to be
from a long way back. I also have a few UK cousins from 23andMe, but we
haven't really succeeded in making any connections yet.

I will be interested to see how things develop.

I might add that I've had a know 3rd cousin tested at 23andMe, and we DON't
match! He matches my sister and my niece and there's no doubt at all that
he's a real cousin, but there's only a 95% chance of getting a match with
your 3rd cousin, and we are in the non-matching 5%. This inheritance
business can be very tricky!


>On Behalf Of Tim Janzen
Dear Jim,
I agree with your thoughts. I would also like to strongly suggest
that people get as many of their first and second cousins tested by 23andMe
and/or Family Finder as possible. When you have the results of first and
second cousins available you can compare them to the people you share
matching segments with and have a better chance of determining on which side
of the family you share a common ancestor with that person.
Tim Janzen

On Behalf Of Jim Bartlett

If nothing else, FF has made me focus and share, and regardless of whether
or not DNA is involved, I've found new cousins and paper trails. I think as
more matches come in (I'm already having a hard time keeping up), eventually
I'll start getting corroborating, or conflicting, evidence. As with all the
Y and mt DNA results for my ancestors, I strive for 3 matches, before I
begin to feel the result is solid.

Jim >

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