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From: Anders Pålsen <>
Subject: [DNA] Re Fennoscandia Biographic Project - Pilot
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 13:40:19 +0000 (GMT)
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Update and correction!

I unfortunantly did a clerrical error in the previous regional analysis both for the PCA and ADMIXTURE plots. I included X-chromsomes in the analysis. This have now been correct. This affected the regional analysis only. I also used the opportunity to make some further adjustments:

Whats new?

- 1 more participant from Finland.
- Removed X-chromosome data. Total markers down to 490k.
- Removed seemingly too closely related individuals. Two from Orcadian population. 1 from the Belorussian population and 2 from the CEU population. All these where far closer related to each other than any pair of participants in the project.

- Updated local and regional plots:

1) PCA local plots mostly unchanged.
2) PCA regional plots:
- 1) The earlier D1-2 and D1-3 plots switched
- 2) D1-2 finns bridge the gap between the Saami and the Norwegians and Swedes who seem to seperate abit. Norwegians appears closer to the reference populations CEU, French and Orcadians than Swedes.
- 3) Finns appears in D1-3 to blend and overlap much into the Volgoda Russians, Belorussians and Lithuanians.
- 4) Saami appears in D1-3 to cluster clearly outside above the Volgoda Russians.
- 5) In D1-4 the Saami seem to cluster to the left inside the Russian cluster, while Finns appear to be inside on the lower right and partly inside the Lithuanian and Belorussian cluster.

Whats next?

- New ADMIXTURE run with the updated and corrected data at K=4. An earlier to increase to K=5 using the earlier data seem to give odd results like splintering the CEU into two populations.
- Get more participants


Updated plots:


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