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Subject: Re: [DNA] First Neolithic Y-DNA published
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 00:24:15 -0800
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Dear Dienekes,
Thanks for bringing this article to our attention and for your
thoughtful comments on the paper. I think that the evidence is building for
the theory that R1b and probably also R1a did not significantly participate
in the early Neolithic expansion into Europe (the LBK Culture), if they
participated in it at all. It seems more likely that R1b and R1a entered
Europe for the first time during the Corded Ware Culture (2900 BC to 2400
BC) or possibly even later than that. It appears that the people of the
Corded Ware Culture and subsequent migrations for the most part overwhelmed
the LKB Culture one way or another. Anatole Klyosov has an extensive
discussion of R1a and R1b at
that is also of interest.
I am not sure why Andrew Oh-Willeke would comment on your web site
that "Of course, since we don't expect to find R1b in this region, its
absence isn't very informative." In my opinion it has previously been a
reasonable hypothesis that R1b participated in the LBK Culture in the early
Neolithic period. However, my most recent dates for the age of R-L11 and
downstream R1b SNPs would suggest that L11 and its descendents are too young
to have participated in the early Neolithic expansion into Europe.
I think it is fantastic that the authors of the study have been able
to extract Y DNA from LBK Culture burials. I hope that other researchers
can extract more Y DNA from other LBK Culture burials and later burials as
Tim Janzen

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