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The Welsh are doing well these days. The email address of the main ISOGG
mailing list is:

Wills online, parish registers going online. Interesting to see what comes

Any relationship to Clough Williams-Ellis of Portmeirion fame?


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For the List and Katherine Borges.

Can someone advise me as to the e-mail address of ISOGG. When I click on
"contact" nothing happens.

For Katherine and those who may be interested, I'm trying to update my data
on Success Stories:

*Ellis DNA Success Story*

*Update Sept. 7, 2010*

Historical evidence shows both a Vaughn (died out) and Edwards lineage also
being descendants of Lord Rhirid Flaidd, thus my search for Edwards.

Fortunately, Dan S. Edwards had his Y ch. test done by FTDNA. On Sept. 7,
2010 they advised: "A 67 marker match has been found between you and
another person in the Family Tree DNA database!
You and the other person(s) have matched in 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 or 67
loci. This means that there is a 99% likelihood you share a common ancestor
in a genealogical time frame."

This DNA evidence, together with our paper trails show our MRCA to be
Gruffydd ap Madog. (a male descendant of Lord Rhirid Flaidd) Born c.
1285-1300 at Carndochan Castle, North Wales.

Thus, we have a case of the DNA evidence providing proof of both the paper
trails and the pedigrees !

Back in AD 2001, I (Lloyd D. Ellis) entered the world of DNA testing, first
with Oxford Ancestors, later with FamilyTreeDNA and EthnoAncestry, in the
hope that someday I and others would find a meaningful match to their
lineage. Surprise!

In 2006 FTDNA advised me that I had one mismatch on 37 markers with another
Ellis. I knew nothing of this person nor had our research paths crossed. I
have a solid paper trail back to N. Wales c. 1500, thanks in part to Quaker
records and the Clywd FHS. My Ellis match had his paper trail back to one
Humphrey Ellis of Pennsylvania b. 1688 in N. Wales.

The DNA match assisted in proving our male lineage back to one Cadwalader
Ellis, Sr., b.c. 1655 in Llanycil Parish, N. Wales, who had two sons,
Cadwalader Ellis, Jr. (the authors line) and a younger son Humphrey Ellis.

Then another brick wall (one of many) appeared in 1500. No Wills or other
historical data was available further back in time. Our male ancestor Syr
John ap David Pastor of Llanycil Parish was born c. 1500. A fellow
researcher in the UK suggested that I have a look at the published pedigrees
in the National Library of Wales of Peter Bartrum and Lewys Dwnn Deputy
Herald of Arms for Wales in the 16th. century. Pedigrees? I had never
thought of researching Nobility or pedigrees.

Another exciting Surprise ! Syr John ap David is shown as a direct male
descendant of Rhirid Flaidd b. c. 1150, Lord of Penllyn, N. Wales. His
pedigree goes back to Cunedda Wledig King of N. Wales b. c. AD 380 in
Southern Scotland and further back into the mists of time". *- - Posted on
29 Oct 2007*

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