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From: Bob Hay <>
Subject: [DNA] Ethnoancestry’s Total Genomic Ancestry Classification test
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 12:07:17 +1100

Curious, I sent away from Ethnoancestry’s Total Genomic Ancestry Classification test, the results of which came back this morning. Now I am swamped by a sea of symbols, all colours of the rainbow, which tell me in the simplest terms I am of European ancestry with a “typically European level of diversity and no signature of consanguinity” and no significant Native American ancestry. This last was not unexpected since I have no known American connections – I would have been more interested if Ethnoancestry had tested for Australian aboriginal ancestry!

So, nothing new there… But the devil is in the detail. When I look at the multicoloured mass of symbols plotting my Geographic Ancestry (Europe) the red cross which symbolises “You are here” it shows me surrounded by Scottish and Irish ancestors… my family history in historical times shows this… a few English (I would have expected more), and a bit more distant on the graph, masses of French, Spanish, Hungarian, Roumanian, and more peripherally, two main streams, one roughly following the Mediterranean/Sardinian/Italian entry in Europe and the other, a Russian, Scandinavian route.

But what gets me most excited (and confused) is that my red “X” is slap bang in the middle of the Orcadian congregation of maroon triangles. Now my known Y-ancestry (R-L2*) is via my historical ancestors in Nairn, Scotland, where the “Hays of Nairn” are a junior branch of the Clan Hay, a Norman clan with an origin in the Cotentin Peninsular and a long history in Flanders. There is no doubt about my descent from the Hays of Nairn…my paper trail goes back at least 300 years. There is little evidence of Norse incursion into Nairn, although of course there were Pict inhabitants of Orkney as well as Scandinavian. Is this a very old NPE or just a bit of complicated human migration as yet to be uncovered?

So I got my money’s worth for my TGAC test! Something new to ponder… I am little interested in dead relatives of historical generations but this new light shows up a new mystery…

Bob Hay
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H3EQG ~ R-L2* ~ HV9a

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