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From: Bob Hay <>
Subject: [DNA] Ethnoancestry's Total Genomic Ancestry Classification test
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 14:22:25 +1100

Wilcox Lisa wrote:

>Are they resting SNPs or STRs? How many markers?
>X inheritance is a wild and crazy thing!!!!

SNPs I presume since Ethnoancestry required access to my 23andMe or deCodeMe full genome results - I downloaded the .zip file from 23andMe and sent that to the lab. The turn around was quite fast - about 10 days. I don't know what they do with the mtDNA results in the bundle. I have not paid much attention to my mtDNA results but the last time I looked, the nearest "matches" were somewhere up around Russia, Czech Republic etc. whereas my Y-DNA results indicate late Bronze Age/early Iron Age in the upper Rhine or Northern Italy and it is this line of research which interests me most. Autosomal and X testing has passed over my head, I am afraid :-) My maternal line historically goes back to 17th century Somerset so I am assuming this "Orcadian" placement is paternal. My paternal pedigree brickwalled at a Hay ancestor married in Nairn in 1777 but for whom I can find no other evidence. But I never looked at Orkney data!

I found this Test interesting in that the plots on the graph seem to trace out a migration path for two groups of immigrants to Europe, confirming pretty much what has been discussed on this List for the past decade.... We must be getting somewhere!

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