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Subject: Re: [DNA]Ethnoancestry’s Total Genomic Ancestry Classification test
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 09:26:37 -0800

Bob, how does this new biogeographic ancestry tool compare to those available from 23andMe & DecodeMe? Those companies already provide graphs, pie charts, etc. that cover the same material, & Ethnoancestry is using exactly the same data for it's analysis. It appears that what they are selling is the same approach, the only difference being that they are comparing the customer's data to their own proprietary database. For customers with dominantly northwest British Isles ancestry, that "may" be worth the price, or maybe not (they have a very large Scottish database, perhaps the largest). In my case, 99% of my ancestry is British Isles, & probably a majority of that is from the northwest. Just asking for an opinion from current customer. Thanks,

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