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From: Bob Hay <>
Subject: [DNA] Ethnoancestry?s Total Genomic Ancestry Classification test
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 10:09:50 +1100

(Pat) wrote:
>Bob, how does this new biogeographic ancestry tool compare to those available from 23andMe & DecodeMe? Those companies already >provide graphs, pie charts, etc. that cover the same material, & Ethnoancestry is using exactly the same data for it's analysis.

Personally, I found both the 23andMe and deCodeMe versions rather difficult to understand and not very informative, although I must admit they also told me "Orcadian".

I took the Ethnoancestry test more out of curiosity than in the hope of finding anything much more informative than the others. But I must admit, I have not spent much time on these "ancestry finders"... My interest lies almost exclusively in following up my Y-DNA and the pre-history involved. So, when E. shows plots more or less corresponding to their position on the map, it made sense to me, the path out of Africa and into Europe.

However, there is much more to this test than just the geographic distribution of ancestors. It was interesting to see that my ancestors were (to quote that wondrous Scots phrase) "a mongrel lot". The "consanguinity" and "global diversity" plots were also interesting, suggesting (I think) that the ancient origins of my male and female line ancestors were very different (little or no intermarrying and from very different regions). But, I must emphasise that I have not really compared this test with the 23andMe and deCodeme versions. I will take a second look...

Meanwhile, I hesitate to suggest others spend the cash on this test until they are more sure than I was about what is already available in the 23andMe or deCodeMe analyses... I was just having fun and I think I got my money's worth.

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