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From: "Clay Daniels" <>
Subject: [DNA] Draft Tree updates, R-L21, etc
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 01:24:57 -0600

There are recent changes to the Draft Tree. This email addresses my own
haplogroup of L21, but everyone of any haplogroup should take a look at the
draft tree and see how their family trees may have changed. Best of Luck.

Now, drilling down to L21:

(1) I'm not sure if I missed this before, but L9, L10 are now shown under
L21 on the same sub-branch. If I look at my advanced SNP order page L9 & L10
are listed under R-P312 (parent of L21) and not the R-L21 package. I am
going to assume the advanced orders page has simply not kept up with the
tree, hence I ordered L9 & L10 SNP tests.

(2) Nora posted earlier about L302 (ChrY:21147192) and L319 (ChrY:3496403).
L302 showed up first a few weeks back, but now L319 is also listed on the
tree on the same sub-branch. No advanced order yet shown on my pages.

(3) A totally new one to me, L371 has appeared as if overnight. No advanced
order offered yet.

(4) And we have L380 which appeared a few weeks ago. No advanced order
offered yet.

Looks like we are making some progress. Press On...

Clay Daniels

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