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From: "Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New FTDNA Project Format
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 13:25:19 -0000
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Diana points out:

I also see no way around the problem of one color dominating the entire cell
multi-copy markers, at least not short of splitting the fused cells apart
(manually inserting columns), manually editing the values, and manually
recoloring them. I presume it would be possible to write a script to do it,
that's beyond my capability. And unless you were doing frequent and/or
data mining, it wouldn't be worth the effort.


It doesn't appear that FT has any intention of addressing this major concern
for a huge number of GA's who highlight each of the off modal multi-copy
markers and/or use other sites to display their data. Their reasoning - '
The change allows for both better reporting of results to our customers and
better use of user interface development resources.' would appear to be to
their benefit and not ours. No doubt it would be more complicated for them
to retain separate cells for each copy, but it appears they are choosing to
meet their needs cost effectively.

I think the only hope we have of altering this view is by ALL of us who are
concerned to provide feedback to that effect.


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