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From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New FTDNA Project Format
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 13:25:29 -0500
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Ditto. I was *much* happier with the old GAP.

It's a real pain if you have multiple projects because, among other things, the
project name is not on the browser tabs. If you have multiple tabs from
multiple projects open at once, which I often do -- or used to do -- I can only
tell which is which by clicking on the tab and reading the name on the page.
How inefficient is that?

I also used to have bookmarks for the project home pages and membership rosters
(12 bookmarks in all). I could easily move from one to the other with a single
click using bookmarks. Now I have go to my GAP home page, click on the downdrop
list box, click a project, then click Membership Information. Four clicks to do
what used to take one. Until I figure out a better way, my workaround is to
open six different Firefox windows, one for each project, in alphabetical order,
and simply leave them that way.

I don't think, in general, programmers appreciate how much people DON'T want to
have to relearn things they already know how to do -- well and efficiently. I
sometimes think the IT guys (with Microsoft specifically in mind, not FTDNA)
can't stand it when their users become too proficient, so they update the
software and turn their power users back into novices. [end of rant]


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> Perhaps I am an old fuddy duddy (probably am), but I was quite content with
the old
> GAP. I am admittedly resistent to change, but the result will be the same as
it is for
> Word and Excel 2010 and FTM 2010 - avoidance. Some of us are left in the dust
> with apparently no means or option of meeting our needs. Sink or swim.
> FTDNA are merely trying to keep up with the times, and to address concerns of
> group administrators. Surely no one can fault them. However the net result
will be a
> great deal of discouragement on the part of some, who probably have too much
> their plate, and are unwilling or unable to deal with yet another techno
change that
> requires yet another struggle.
> David K. Faux.
> On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 8:53 AM, Robert Stafford
> > To convert the text numbers to back to regular numbers, you need to
> > select a range and a bug will appear with the option to convert back
> > to numbers.
> > This
> > gets rid of the green text indicator in each box. Be certain to change
> > the universal format back to general.
> >
> > I found only two columns that were affected. Another way is to paste
> > and set to the destination format. Then change the affected columns to
> > text. Click on the corner and delete the data. Then re-paste and set
> > to destination formatting. When you do text to columns, select
> > numbers.
> >
> > Bob Stafford
> >
> >
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