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From: George Chandler <>
Subject: [DNA] Dukes of Brabant-Neolithic J2
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 20:08:04 -0700

"However, with the publication of these recent studies I find it just as plausible that the Dukes of Brabant would be J2 as they could be R1b. Moreover, the Portuguese/Belgian genealogy is very solid, as well as old: . If there are any problems with my logic, I would gladly accept your feedback."


The only way to truly confirm (in my opinion) would be to test a person from the line of Hesse Castle, and match it with a Mountbatten who would share a known common ancestor. The results would have to show a close match for the 67 marker results, and also include full SNP testing. Any other individual who claims to be in the same tree as the Dukes of Brabant should match close enough that there would be very little doubt regarding a common ancestor. Even with that would in my opinion require further testing. Until you were able to perform these tests and guarantee a "chain of custody" for the samples taken, I don't think you should make any assumptions without the proper evidence..and it doesn't seem like you are.

George Chandler

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