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From: vernade didier <>
Subject: [DNA] origin of domesticated dogs - a review
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 09:03:47 +0000 (GMT)


In a recent post I thought I knew the 2 more recent papers on origin of dogs but I was wrong and I now updated my information. This post for an update on the subject.
Pang et al. (2009) :
Pang JF, Kluetsch C, Zou XJ, Zhang AB, Luo LY, Angleby H, Ardalan A, Ekström C, Sköllermo A, Lundeberg J, Matsumura S, Leitner T, Zhang YP, Savolainen P.(2009):"MtDNA Data Indicates a Single Origin for Dogs South of Yangtze River, less than 16,300 Years Ago, from Numerous Wolves." Mol Biol Evol.

This study on mtDNA is identifying the origin of dogs in south east Asia and the chinese wolf with a particular morphological feature : "turned-back apex of the coronoid process of the ascending ramus" specific to dogs and these wolves , is the presumptive ancestor.

Another more recent study, a genome wide study using a chip offered by Affymetrix ($250 apiece - 1000 chips...) was published this year but I can't get access to the full text ($47.00 charged...). They conclude that dogs originate from the middle east .
Both studies date the origin around 14000 - 15000 years ago.

On Dienekes blog a short linguistic discussion occurred after Argiedude mentioned Cuon as the main Canids in south east Asia rather than wolf. Here is a copy and paste of what was posted :

At this point we must think again to the Indo-European word for "dog" (*kwenis?) and the Chinese one (*KUEN?) -I am quoting mentally and roughly-, which are probably more ancient than we thought before.

According to Language Log, the PIE word for dog was *KUON"

This word went on to give us the English word "hound", a specific type of dog.

Curiously in Irish Gaelic the word for dog is "madra" (pronounced MOD-RA, while the word for hound is "cu" (pronounced KOO), which is similarly derivation from *KUON, as in English.

So maybe the PIE word for dog, specifically refers to a hound or hunting type dog.

So, it might be that IE borrowed dogs or "proto dogs"from others in south east Asia and further mixed these "proto dogs" with middle east wolves. Somehow these new type of dogs are now the main type around the world. At least this is how I take it.


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