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From: Michael & Sue <>
Subject: [DNA] 10 years down the line and I still don't understand
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 12:30:53 +0000

Hi all,
My name is Michael and I'm rejoining the list after 8 years, back then I
was CockneySparrow living in Essex, I'm now living in Lancashire.

Problem is I don't know what any results mean.

I had my DNA tested by Oxford Ancestors in 2001 - 12 marker, and at that
time found no match.
In 2002 I had it done again by a company known then as GeneTree but now
known as Identigene (they now focus on paternity and relationship
testing using CODIS markers).
That test was a 24 marker. Shortly after getting the results I did
another check and I had one hit and like we all do when we find
something I punched the air and said YES. Then I saw that the hit was in
Medellin, Columbia which had me some what confused. That search was on In the months that followed I did more
checks but still only the one hit. Eventually I gave up looking.
Now 8 years later I have started looking again and this time the
Medellin match doesn't come up but the ystr.charite site doesn't exist
now so not used.

One of the problems now is that my 24 marker test doesn't quite match
the test sites that I have used to check my results and none of them
list the old GeneTree company (Identigene) in their conversion lists. So
I have used the results that I have, but in some cases some of my
results just don't show like Y-GATA-A4 and Y-GATA-C4 then we have
Y-GATA-H4 my result is 27 but Ancesry only goes up to 26.

I've emailed Identigene but they haven't relpied or even acknowledged my

My roots are deep in the heart of East Lancashire, England, to be more
precise BURNLEY.
From myself, father and Grandfather all born in London, Gt Grandfather
born Brighton, GT. GT. Grandfather born Blackburn, Lancashire and from
there back to c1500 all around Accrington, Oswaldtwistle, Church,
Padiham, Haslingden and Burnley.

Having done a couple of searches the results are somewhat confusing, at
least to me.
One search (can't remember who now) had a few matches, the most positive
match (Don't think a percentage was given) the 1st, 2nd and 3rd
generations are protected but the 4th generation are all West Cameroon
c1880 to 1900 generations further back were also Cameroon.
The next was Iran, Iran, Iran

Genetree showed 72 matches at 70% and above. The 2 highest matches were
at 85.71% the 1st is Switzerland/USA with the USA links going back
through London to Hertfordshire and Essex, another to Northumberland and
another into Scotland.
The 2nd 85.71% match was Iran.
The remaining 70 matches went from 78.26% down to 70% and covered
Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Germany,
Hungary, Belgium, Iran again and many for the USA and a couple for
England but none included lines back to Lancashire. But perhaps they
didn't go back far enough?

So the question is, am I reading this data all wrong? (I must admit it's
all mumbo jumbo to me).
Do I splash out more money and get another test with even more markers
and if so which one?
For interest the results of my two DNA tests are below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
many thanks
Michael in sunny Lancashire


GeneTree Test taken in 2002
DYS 358a = A or 10
DYS 385b = E or 14
DYS 388 = 12
DYS 389i = 14
DYS 389ii = 30
DYS 390 = 24
DYS 391 = 11
DYS 392 = 13
DYS 393 = 13
DYS 394 = 16
DYS 426 = 12
DYS 437 = 14
DYS 438 = 12
DYS 439 = 11
DYS 460 = 13
DYS 461 = 11 possibly +1 = 12
DYS 462 = 11
GGAAT1B07 = 10
YCAiia = D or 19
YCAiib = D or 19
Y-GATA-A10 = 13
Y-GATA-A4 = 11
Y-GATA-C4 = 23
Y-GATA-H4 = 27

Oxford Ancestors Test taken undated but early 2001
DYS 19 = 16 now DYS394
DYS 388 = 12
DYS 390 = 24
DYS 391 = 11
DYS 392 = 13
DYS 393 = 13
DYS 389i = 11
DYS 389ii-i = 16
DYS 425 = *M
DYS 426 = 12

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