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Subject: [DNA] Article: Linkage and linkage disequilibrium analysis ofX-STRs in Italian families
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Forensic Science International: Genetics
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Linkage and linkage disequilibrium analysis of X-STRs in Italian families

Serena Inturria, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The
Corresponding Author, Silvia Menegonb, Antonio Amorosoc, Carlo Torrea
and Carlo Robinoa

a Department of Anatomy Pharmacology and Legal Medicine, University of
Turin, Italy
b Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Turin
and San Luigi Hospital, Orbassano, Italy
c Department of Genetics Biology and Biochemistry, University of Turin, Italy

Available online 18 November 2010.


Twenty X-chromosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci were typed in 80
families of Italian descent, composed by mother and two or more sons,
for a total of 93 meiosis. The analyzed X-STR panel included six
clusters of closely linked markers (each spanning < 3 cM):
DXS10135–DXS10148–DXS8378 (Xp22); DXS7132–DXS10074–DXS10079 (Xq12);
DXS6801–DXS6809–DXS6789 (Xq21); DXS7424–DXS101 (Xq22);
DXS10103–HPRTB–DXS10101 (Xq26); DXS8377–DXS10134–DXS7423–DXS10146

Recombination fractions between pairs of markers calculated by
pedigree analysis were compared with those obtained from the
second-generation Rutgers combined linkage-physical map of the human
genome. The observed differences confirm that recombination is not
homogeneous along the X chromosome and that the conventional
subdivision of X-STRs in four groups of completely unlinked markers
cannot be regarded as true.

Significant linkage disequilibrium was found between markers DXS6801
and DXS6809 (p = 0.017). The effect on likelihood calculations of
inferring haplotype frequencies from allele distributions rather than
haplotype count in the relevant population was evaluated.

Keywords: X chromosome; Short tandem repeats; Linkage; Linkage
disequilibrium; Italy
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