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From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA Join Requests
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 11:45:31 -0500
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Part of the problem is that there's nothing to show whether or not I responded
or what my response was. I'm having to copy their request and my response into
an email I send to myself, so I've got a record of the interchange to file in
their folder in my email client.

But even if the GAP included my response, it is not useful for me to have *all*
my join requests and responses in *one* folder. This folder is going to become

Nor is it useful to have the join/reply messages separate from the rest of my
project email. When one of my members emails me, sometimes years after having
first joined, I like to take a quick look at our past correspondence, including
their initial join request, so I can give an appropriate response, one that
doesn't make them feel as if I've forgotten them -- or make me look like an
idiot for having forgotten.


"Cloud computing" is double-speak for a terminal tied to the mainframe. Been
there, done that. No, thanks.

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> Diana,
> Same here, and that was the response I got.
> No intention to change anything.
> Marleen Van Horne

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