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From: "Clay Daniels" <>
Subject: [DNA] DYS490=10
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 22:59:02 -0600

There was a discussion a while back about DYS490=10. This is apparently very
rare, although as DYS490 is in the last panel of a 67 marker test it may
just not be that documented. My Daniel project has no DYS490=10 folks and
the large White project has just one. I was tempted to do further SNP
testing and ordered the "Deep-Clade SNP" test. Do not illusion yourself that
Deep-Clade SNP is the full SNP story as a person needs to look deeper as
more SNP's become available for testing. But here you have the results if
you are interested. This is not my clade, but I'm basically a scientist.

Kit 136480
R1b1b2a1a4 U106+ L48+ U198- P107- L1-

They don't seem to be on Y-Search.


Now, if I can just figure out how to deal with the new GAP 2, I will try to
move this guy into the appropriate subgroup. I'm expecting some help from
Marleen. (HELP!)

Clay Daniels

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