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From: RThrift <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andme upgrade
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 2:27:31 -0800
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Hey fenenga, EVERYTHING one pays money for is "an elite system, only for those who aren't on small pensions." I wish I were on a small pension. Likewise it is "an elite system", only for those not unemployed. Tell it to the bank.

If you do not upgrade you WILL continue to get new Relative Finder matches. That is the arrangement you paid for at the time. But you may not get some of the new features 23andMe is considering.

In contrast, if you DO upgrade, you will ONLY get new RF matches as long as you keep paying the subscription fee -which may well increase over time. When you upgrade and then later stop paying the monthly fee, no more RF matches. So if you want to get v.3 results while the sale price is still available, it may be to your advantage to buy a brand new test at the sale price INSTEAD of upgrading. This allows you, for almost the same price as an upgrade, to KEEP your version 2 arrangement and receive version 3 results as well. If you don't want v.3 results, don't do anything.

Though as Alex Khomenko, Director of Engineering at 23andMe, mentioned, this practice of purchasing a second (v.3) account while retaining your original account is discouraged by 23andMe -it may skew their survey data and cause other minor difficulties for the company. (This may or may not be a consideration for the purchaser.) Alex said "If you are worried about having to pay for RF matches - please don't upgrade yet (the option will always be there), and let us listen to the feedback and work out the details of how things will work going forward." I wonder what that means. But it is certain that this $160 price will not be available for long.

Richard Thrift

From: fenenga
Subject: [DNA] 23andme
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010

can't seem to find this, but I'm tired, so I may have just not
looked in the right place. if we choose not to pay the $89+ to
upgrade, will we still be notified of cousins? we ran out of mad
money for dna and can't afford this additional cost. I saw it coming
when someone started praising 23 for not charging extra. what did you
expect would happen? now it's an elite system, only for those who
aren't on small pensions.

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